RadiaSource Heat Shield provides maximum protection against radiant heat transfer.  By significantly reducing the temperature of your home or building, your air conditioning needs will drop and reduce the need for additional solar panels.


When installed in a home or commercial building, RadiaSource reflects heat back into living spaces during the winter, and out of living spaces during the summer. This product makes homes and buildings so efficient, that California has made this technology code for new construction.  Utility bills decrease and comfortable conditions increase.

NASA has used this technology in astronaut spacesuits and to protect sensitive equipment from the extremities of space since the beginning of the space program. The earliest space suits had the reflective layer on the outside.  Radiant barriers were later found to work on the inside of the suit as well. Today, radiant barriers are used in several kinds of insulating products, including home and commercial insulation.  RadiaSource was featured in NASA Spinoff magazine as an innovative spinoff product from the space program (https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2013/cg_6.html)

RadiaSource is 100% made in the USA. There are many other “bargain brand” radiant barrier manufactures that don’t manufacture their product in the US, and as a result produce hazardous, low-quality products that oxidize or corrode long before they should. RadiaSource is designed to prevent corrosion and oxidation, both of which decrease the effectiveness of the product.  RadiaSource also has a Class 1/Class A fire rating and an incredible tear strength.


RadiaSource Garage Door Kit

The RadiaSource™ Garage Door Kit works by reflecting 95% of the heat that seeks to penetrate your garage doors. Garage doors are poorly insulated, or sometimes not insulated at all. The result is a garage that can be unbearably hot in the summer and cold in winter months. Reflecting the heat that enters or leaves through a garage door keeps the garage much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The RadiaSource™ Garage Door Kit can be installed by the customer or by our professional installers within minutes.  

Our installers can do custom work to fit any size of garage door.

RadiaSource Water Heater Wrap

A hot water heater continually loses heat and then uses a significant amount of energy to reheat the water after it has cooled. As a result, water heaters represent a substantial part of a homeowner’s energy bill.

Radiasource Water Heater Wrap works by reflecting heat back into the water heater.  It can be used on both gas and electric water heaters. RadiaWrap can save up to 20% on hot water heating costs. Payback on investment is only 1-2 years! In addition, with water that stays hotter longer, homeowners gain more hot water without buying a bigger tank.


You can choose our do-it-yourself kit or have one of our professional installers do it for you.